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Medical Coding Employment

What does future reserve for a specialist?

In order to scrutinize the future perspective in medical coding employment, let's take a look in the past. In 2008, medical records and health information technicians occupied about 172,500 jobs. Out of this number, a 39 percent of the positions were associated with the hospitals. Other places where health information technicians work, besides hospitals, are represented by outpatient care centers, offices of physicians, nursing care facilities, and home healthcare services. Federal Government Agencies also offer medical coding employment opportunities.

In what concerns the job outlook, it looks promising since technicians with strong understanding of technology and computer software will be highly demanded. Due to this job prospects, a specialized labor market analyst concludes that medical coding employment is expected to grow.

The growth of the employment in the domain of medical records and health information is expected to reach a 20 percent. This percentage indicates an increase much more significant than the average for all occupations through 2018. The premise that will determine an increase in medical coding employment is represented by the fact that more and more treatments, medical tests and procedures will be performed. With the advancement in age, the health-related problems will occur more often. For instance, cancer registrars are expected to experience a job growth because the incidence of the disease increases from an aging population. A second phenomenon that will contribute to the thrive of medical coding employment is represented by the increase of the usage of electronic health records. As a result, more technicians will be needed because they have the knowledge and skills to fulfill the requirements and responsibilities that are associated with electronic data management.

In conclusion, regarding the job prospects in medical coding employment area, there will definitely be an increase. Moreover, the need to replace medical record and information technicians who retire will lead to the emergence of numerous new openings.

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